The Wall Art Quiz

12 May, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

The Wall Art Magazine presents a fun quiz to test your art knowledge.

Send in your answers to to win exciting prizes!

The quiz is valid till 15th May, 11pm (IST)

The answers have to be sent to along with your name and phone number.

No entries after 11pm on the 15th of May will be considered.

Answer all 9 correctly and win a discount coupon of INR 5000 on purchase of artwork/ artworks valued at INR25,000 and above from BestCollegeArt (View their collection on

Answer 8 correctly and get a chance to be a guest writer for The Wall Art Magazine & the blog. 


Q1. Name the 19th century art movement which the painting above belongs to.
Q2. In Sandro Botticelli's painting the 'Birth of Venus,' can you identify the male figure?
Q3. Can you name the ancient Egyptian King who patronised the Temple in the picture above?
Q4. Can you name the place where the temple and theatre of Apollo is located?
Q.5 Name the medium used by Degas for the painting shown above.

Q6. Name the Roman God depicted in Rubens's 'The Disembarkation at Marseilles'
Q7. Name the Renaissance female painter who inspired one of Caravaggio's artwork. One of her famous paintings is displayed at the National Portrait Gallery in London.
Q8. Name the art movement that Francois Boucher was a part of?
Q9. Seen above is Rembrandt's only seascape. Name the painting and the Museum from which it was stolen in 1990?
Topic: Art