The Intrepid Club: the African edition

5 Apr, 2017 - .

Image credits : Ralf Κλενγελ, Flickr, All creative commons.

Planning a summer holiday? Head to the Intrepid Club for some handcrafted indulgence!

The beauty of Africa lies in the diversity of nature, its people and its everlasting cultural heritage. With a step in each direction the scenery changes drastically ranging from shaded beaches to snow - capped mountains. Yet, the most eye catching element of all is the varied wildlife. Kenya and Tanzania with its acacia - spotted savannah landscape is not only home to the ‘Big Five’ but numerous other animals and birds. 

For a memorable African sojourn allow the Intrepid Club to plan an exclusive trip for you. Start with an overland safari, a rite of passage to the natural world; spot lions and leopards nestled against the tall blades of grass. The highlight of your trip would be viewing the great animals in migration. A natural phenomena, the migration of wildebeests and zebras take place in a cyclic manner starting at the Serengeti plains and ending in the famed Maasai Mara region of Kenya. A paradise for naturalists, the sight of imposing herds will leave a remarkable memory. The lakes, too, are often visited by flamingoes and Siberian cranes adding to the chatter and sounds of nature. 

For a different perspective, the Intrepid Club also arranges a hot air balloon ride followed by a bush and champagne breakfast. From pristine hotels to adventurous canvas tents along with cultural and walking tours through the Maasai villages, these tailor-made trips will surely leave you wanting for more. 

Bon Voyage!

For attractive summer travel offers and discounts, get in touch with Sadhana Sharma, curator of experiential journeys at the Intrepid Club  by 31st May, 2017. 

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Migratory birds seen in lake Naivasha, Kenya. Image credits: The Intrepid Club

A view of the Kenyan Landscape. Image credits: The Intrepid Club
Lions in their natural habitat. Image credits : The Intrepid Club

Migratory birds seen in lake Naivasha, Kenya. Image credits: The Intrepid Club

Luxurious accommodation at a Kenyan lodge. Image credits: The Intrepid Club
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