The allure of Tallinn

4 Jan, 2017 - Madhurima Chaudhuri

The eastern European city of Tallinn in Estonia gives you the right dose of old and new, along with, open spaces and greenery. Overlooking the Baltic sea, the modern buildings give way to its historic old town.

Entering through a stone gateway, one gets a charming glimpse of the medieval world with quaint cobbled streets, gabled houses and large stone towers topped off by conical roofs resembling a picture postcard. The square surrounded by pastel-coloured buildings holds weekly flee markets to rummage through quintessentially Estonian things, while the restaurants are great to taste local cuisine. Given Estonia’s varied history, the architecture of the city encapsulates different aesthetics representative of different eras.

The most exciting time to visit Tallinn would be during the Midsummer festival, when night time never arrives, the city never sleeps and celebrations of traditional dance, music and food continue till the wee hours of the morning. A city of contrasts, Tallinn, makes a great start for an eastern European adventure.

The cobbled streets of Tallinn

Medieval towers and gateway

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Midsummer celebrations at the Open-air Museum

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