Mumbai - A Foodie's Paradise

15 Mar, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

The Pantry - Mushroom and diced sausage scrambled eggs. 

Mumbai, a city of contrasts has skilfully balanced the old with new. From timeless Gothic structures to towering glass skyscrapers, from cobbled streets to highways, the city exudes the idea of assemblage. And it is this ever growing diversity along with the need to retain that ensures an eclectic atmosphere. The most exciting change can be seen in terms of food. As the delectable vada pao cater to street food heaven, community favourites of berry pulao and new imports of sushi further add to the variety. With a mix of old and new, the Wall Art Team has put together a list of food places to visit when in the financial capital.

The Pantry - Home - baked granola 

Our favourite breakfast place in town, the Pantry is quaint, cosy and serves delicious food. Head over after a quick morning stroll for some home - baked muesli, ham loaded cheese dripping croquet monsieur and coffee. Once you’re thoroughly impressed make sure you drop by for some lunch and dinner. 

Doolally Taproom - Compliment the Apple Cider Beer with some house fries

Doolally Taproom, a microbrewery from Pune has several outlets in Mumbai. They keep it minimal by using white as a theme. A great place to meet your friends, drink pints of beers and gorge on finger food. 

Prithvi Cafe - Slow cooked mutton biryani 

The theatre culture is really big in the city. For some quality plays visit the Prithvi Theatre and follow that up with a meal at Prithvi Cafe. Serving a variety of food from snacks to delicious meals placed within a lively ambience, we’re sure that you won’t be left disappointed!

Theobroma - Cupcake Heaven. Image courtesy - Sharmistha

Theobroma is one of the best dessert places in town. Their carefully decorated cakes and pastries are soft, moist and covered in rich frosting. This careful balance of light and heavy will surely satisfy your sweet tooth

The great Yazdani Bakery

The Yazdani Bakery is perhaps one of the oldest in town. Gorge on some freshly made apple pie, shrewsbury biscuits, bun maska and hot tea. The wooden benches and tables and the never changing faces of the staff transports you to an era long forgotten. 

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