Home-made Sunday Brunch

23 Jan, 2017 - The Wall Art Magazine Team

Photo credit: Sharmi

With winter on its way and our incessant need to laze around, meeting friends seems like a tertiary task. As you lay in bed with a mug of coffee, reading a book or even scrolling through your phone, it gives you silent whiffs of inspiration. All the food enthusiasts on instagram with their delicious breakfast ideas, desserts or even snacks temporarily awaken your inner masterchef. Temporary it is, for it vanishes with the scroll of your track pad. Its time to put the laziness aside, head to your fridge and host a simple yet delicious brunch for your friends. Sounds a lot better than stepping out in the cold, catching an auto and freezing even more while you reach your destination. A perfect time with no summer sweating allowing you to exercise ‘adulting!’

Last Sunday, our team hosted the perfect brunch for our friends with an easy one-pan recipe, fresh juice and board games. Recently on a trip to Egypt, cruising down the Nile, the staff one morning served a delicious dish known as ‘Shakshuka.’ Referring to a mixture, it's a healthy scrumptious meal packed with protein and vegetables of vivid colours. Given the fluidity of cultures, it has both a middle Eastern and North African origin.

Photo credit: Sharmi

A meal that can be easily modified according to your taste or ingredients in your fridge. While the primary components are eggs and tomatoes, compliment them with vegetables of your choice to give it healthy twist. Essentially a slow cooked meal, we added tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, peas, onions and lots of garlic. Thickening it with tomato paste, add fresh herbs like basil, rosemary and a generous spoonful of smoked paprika. Allow it to disintegrate into a slightly chunky paste with the lid on. Following this make wells in the sauce, add the eggs, season the dish and cook to your preference. Before taking it off the stove, sprinkle feta, coriander and serve it hot in the pan! The dish not only gives a rustic appeal but means less washing up!

The great thing about the dish is that the eggs can always be substituted for any other protein whether tofu or cottage cheese or even strips of chicken. We served it with lightly toasted bread brushed with garlic-flavoured butter. And to finish off, a simple dessert of strawberries and cream served Wimbledon style sealed the deal. An afternoon of laughter, banter and delight, hosting a brunch party didn’t seem daunting after all!

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