Gond Art

2 Jan, 2017 - The Wall Art Magazine Team

Japani Shyam, 37" X 29.5", Acrylic on Canvas

Gond Art 

Traditionally used as wall decorations, especially at the time of festivals, Gond paintings are now seen on canvas as well as paper.

It is a form of art practiced by the Gond tribe found in central India. It came about from the belief that 'viewing a good image begets good luck', this is what led them to decorate the walls and floors of their homes. The paintings are vibrant depicting the local flora, fauna, gods, rituals and man’s relationship with nature. The artworks are created using dots and small lines, which give a sense of movement. Natural colours are used for these artworks.

Japani Shyam, 69" X 47", Acrylic on Canvas

Japani Shyam,11" X 15", Acrylic on Paper

Mayank Shyam, 22" X 30", Acrylic on Paper.

Venkat Raman Singh Shyam,30" X 22", Acrylic on Paper.

Mayank Shyam, 30" X 22.5", Acrylic and Ink on Paper 

Bhajju Shyam, 52" X 35", Acrylic on Canvas

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