'Emerging Artist of the Year Award', 2017- BestCollegeArt & Glenfiddich

17 Feb, 2017 - The Wall Art Magazine Team

One of the most awaited art events of the year-BestCollegeArt’s Emerging Artist of the Year’, 2017 is back in town!

This is the 6th edition in collaboration with Glenfiddich and it just got bigger! With entries pouring in from all over, here’s an overview of the event.

Emerging Artist of the Year was conceived with an aim to promote upcoming contemporary artists and provide a platform for some of the country’s finest emerging artists. This aim was further aided by the global brand, Glenfiddich and soon ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ became one of the most sought after awards for Contemporary Art. The event is part of Glenfiddich’s ‘Artists in Residence’ (AIR) programme. We at BestCollegeArt are proud to have held this event since 2012 with winners like Chetnaa Verma, Krupa Makhija, Subir Hati and Yuvan BothisathuvarBestCollegeArt is humbled to be associated with this global initiative to further Contemporary Art.

The registrations have begun. To participate, artists should upload their artworks on BestCollegeArt.com with the last date for entries being 5th of March’2017. An esteemed panel of Jury members comprising top artists, art critics and connoisseurs will decide the winner.

The winner will be announced on the 25th of March’2017 at Art District XIII, New Delhi. The winner of ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ gets an opportunity to participate in a unique residency in the breathtaking highlands of Scotland. For the winner it will be a shot at Global exposure. The residency culminates with a solo show at Art District XIII, New Delhi. To top it all off, there will be a reward of £ 10,000 for the winner.

So, Buckle Up Artists! It’s time to put your best stroke forward. Send in your artworks and follow the hash tag #EAY2017 on our Facebook and Instagram page to stay updated about the event. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 


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