Emerging Artist of the Year 2017

23 Mar, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

Vandana Kothari "Invisible Lust14X19 Inches, Mixed Media Paintings

The Art Industry can get very competitive and it takes a keen vision and a deft skill to make a mark in this ever expanding and highly challenging culture. The ‘Emerging Artist of the Year’ award (EAY) presented by BestCollegeArt was initiated with the aim to identify artists with great imagination and inquisitiveness to explore the realm of unconventionality. EAY is a platform to allow the artists to grow and achieve the zenith of their art. In collaboration with Glenfiddich and their ‘Artists in Residence’ (AIR) programme, EAY has become one of the most sough after awards for Contemporary Art. The winner in turn gets an opportunity at global exposure with a residency in the breathtaking highlands of Scotland followed by a solo show at Art District XIII, New Delhi. 

With over 300 entries followed by months of careful deliberation by an esteemed Jury composed of eminent artist, art collectors and art critics, here’s a look at the 5 finalists and their works. 

Akhil Mohan, "RICE-6," 30X20 Inches, Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper

Akhil Mohan’s art education began at Tripunithura. Most of his works are a take on the provincial agricultural life which he experienced. In the 'Rice Series,' the artist quite painstakingly trace the remaining memories of this nearly vanishing provincial culture, a result of large - scale urbanisation. 

Mangesh Rajguru, "Adults Are Just Obsolete Children And The Hell With Them." 72X48 Inches, Oil on Canvas Painting

Mangesh Rajguru's inspiration springs from an amalgamation of childhood fables and an intense love for nature. He paints a unique combination onto his canvas often having a nostalgic undertone coupled with the contrasting idea of growing up. 

Vandana Kothari, "Men On The Street - 2,"42X57 Inches, Mixed Media Paintings

Vandana Kothari's works is about day to day experiences  called ‘little narratives' that forms the basis of our life.  Her style is unique, bold and socially relevant moving away from conventional ideas of linear progressions.  

Subhendu Misra, "Untitled," 30X30 Inches, Oil / Acrylic on Paper Painting

Subhendu Misra, an artist from Kolkata focuses on the theme of combinations. Misra states he creates ‘enigmatic landscapes of a world without greed, hunger and violence.’  His narratives consist of clues laced with hidden meanings.

Sitaram Swain, "There was a sky before 2," 180X96 Inches, Mixed Media Paintings

Sitaram Swain an installation artist from Orissa works with domestic objects like clay pots, vessels and places them in an unconventional setting. To the artist these everyday objects are attached with a sublime quality of social relevance. His artworks are often a commentary on art, politics and social issues. 

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