Celebrating the Indian Greats

8 Mar, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

Amrita Sher-Gil self-portrait . Image credit: Sotheby's 

The Wall Art Team celebrates this Women’s Day by showcasing the works of Great Indian Artists. These artists have utilised their varied influences to create art which is distinct and original. From paintings to bronze work and photographs, the creativity showcased by these women represent diversity in the artistic field. Take a look at some of the works of art by these famous Indian Modern and Contemporary artists. 

Amrita Sher-Gil self-portrait . This painting was sold for $ 2.65m at Sotheby’s art auction in London in 2015  Image credit: Sotheby's 

The famed Amrita Sher-ghil experimented in diverse European styles, themes and techniques till she found her voice in expressing rural scenes of India. Utilising an earthy palette and Ajantaesque figures her canvases give voice to the subaltern. 

Nasreen Mohamedi Untitled. Image credit : Sotheby's 

The late Nasreen Mohamedi is one of the greatest Modern India artists belonging to the 20th century. Her forte includes enigmatic line drawings in grid-like patterns, oil on canvas and water colour on paper. 

Dayanita Singh - Mona & Me. Image credit: Annette Dubois 

Photographer Dayanita Singh captures portraits placed within an urban milieu. While she’s most famous for her black and white photography even her coloured images brings a certain zest to the mundane activity she captures. 

Anjolie Ela Menon Untitled (Madonna of Merriweather Road) Image credit : Sotheby's 

Anjolie Ela Menon’s work largely concentrates on portraits within a nostalgic setting. The contrasting bright and mundane colours with sharp lines encompasses her aesthetic vision. 

Arpita Singh Tuesday Wednesday (1996) Image credit: cea +

Arpita Singh, a Modernist and figurative artist paints every canvas with a narrative. The common theme of adversities faced by women coupled by the use of strong colour shapes her paintings.  

Zarina Hashmi Untitled. Image credit: Sotheby's 

Zarina Hashmi known for her minimalistic art works focuses on the theme of home - its various connotations and nostalgia. Using techniques such as etching and print, her artistic vision dwells on a monochromatic appeal. 

Mrinalini Mukherjee Sri (Deity)' Image credit : Sotheby's  

The late Mrinalini Mukherjee’s bronze sculptures is based on the ancient lost - wax process. Taking nature as the greatest inspiration, her sculptures are infused with the ideas of energy and form,


Arpana Caur  Body is just a just garment. Image credit : Sotheby's 

Arpana Caur as a contemporary artist takes a feministic approach. Her artworks are a confluence of the identity of women, textile motifs, colours and Punjabi literature. 

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