1 Aug, 2013 - The Wall Art Magazine

Don’t let the poster or title betray 
your judgement. Bridesmaids is anything but a chick - flick!
A dark comedy, the film is about 30 something Annie Walker who is going through an extremely rough patch in life with no career, no home and no boyfriend. To make matters worse she has been appointed maid of honour at her best friend’s lavish wedding and has to organise a host of ceremonies along with a vivid bunch of bridesmaids including the extremely competitive, beautiful and rich Helen Harris III.
As warned before, this is no chick - flick. There is no handsome knight in shining armour with arms wide open or a best friend with a tissue box to save Annie from a series of meltdowns, until she realizes that only she can help herself.
The script is simply brilliant with well – developed characters and some insanely funny yet terrifying scenes, running at a pace that leaves you in splits one moment, nodding in agreement over words of wisdom in the next.
A take on life where change is one of two constants, the other being you.
Topic: Movies