A(void) @ Gallery Espace, New Delhi

12 Apr, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

'The Face' by Tanmoy Samantra

The duo show titled “A(void)” by contemporary artists Dilip Chobisa and Tanmoy Samantra will open at Gallery Espace on the 14th of April. Making a systematic use of a monochromatic palette, the show consists of mixed-media canvases and assemblages. The empty portions within the canvases can be seen as a way to assist dialogue and introspection. Each artwork has undergone a unique process which is further accentuated by the viewer’s understanding. Chobisa finds inspiration from the infinite void while Samanta derives space from nostalgia. Visit Gallery Espace to view this show which will be held till the 13th of May. 

Here’s a sneak peak into the kind of works of art you’ll see!

'No conversation' by Dilip Chobisa
'Nocturne I' by Tanmoy Samantra
'I was listening' by Dilip Chobisa
'No conversation' by Dilip Chobisa

'There inside' by Dilip Chobisa
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