‘Presence in Absence' - Priya Ravish Mehra

4 Apr, 2017 - The Wall Art Team

‘Presence in Absence,’ the ongoing show at Gallery Threshold will take you on an introspective journey of life. This solo show by Priya Ravish Mehra, a textile artist and weaver was inspired by certain life altering events which led her to take this three year long project. To Priya, this process is an ever-altering and everlasting one. 

The idea of accepting rejection becomes the central theme of the show. Mehra, who has been involved with textiles for nearly 30 years, uses fabric to make pulp, which she then uses to repair/ mend discarded pieces of textile. Consequently, giving a new life to the otherwise discarded pieces. Moreover, these mixed media works of art largely stems from nature and its varied forms.

Stressing on the process of ‘symbiosis,’ the natural paper and cloth fibres are immersed in one another to provide a unique identity. If you find your self in Delhi, make sure to pay a visit. The show is on till the 30th April.

Untitled, Fabric with Daphne pulp, 14" x 21". 2016
Untitled, Indigo fabric with paper pulp, 11" x 8.5". 2016
Untitled, Various thread with paper, 12"x 10 ". 2014
Topic: Art